Recent Projects

Recent projects



We built a datawarehouse for one of the pricing teams at this global commercial insurance firm. We scripted automated routines which extracted quote and policy data from the Acturis underwriting system. Key to this undertaking was that our routines also pulled highly detailed risk data for each quote and policy. From this previously inaccessible and now rich data set we built cubes which allowed analysts to slice and dice these low-level risk dimensions with key metrics such as loss ratios and policy version premiums. Following analysis and action, the end result was a significant sales uplift for specific products.




Mindshare-LogoAt Mindshare we worked night and day to quickly create two new datawarehouses from scratch. These enabled the analysts at this major marketing organisation to understand patterns and demographics in web data relating to the recent launch of a concept car by one of Mindshare’s major automotive clients. These efforts were well-considered by both Mindshare and their client, resulting in a deeper relationship between the two organisations.


Telecoms Engineering


We were engaged during Virgin Media’s well-publicised 2012 speed doubling programme. Our role was to source, pull and integrate the data in order to create a project dashboard. This front-end was used to report the progress of – and issues related to – the project. Our solution ensured that the VM engineering teams could closely monitor the infrastructure upgrade activity across the country, and to target root cause analyses of any particularly serious incidents that resulted from it. The engineers in particular loved our dashboard because they were able to analyse the top-level regional picture and then drill down through smaller agglomerations to the performance data at the level of discrete infrastructure devices (screen grabs).




Service Data


Our work at BT Operate, as it was then known, involved building a large dashboard which enabled service managers to keep tabs on KPIs and other important metrics. The most critical of these were measures related to service level agreements (SLAs), for which penalties were payable if they were breached. To help with this we designed a regularly-updating web front-end dashboard which displayed the performance level and the trend, so that all could be aware of the current status of things (screen grabs).