Datata are in the business of delivering MI, BI and data analytic solutions to clients of all sizes.

Each solution is built from scratch, tailored to exactly meet client needs.

Management Information (MI).

These are solutions which display important information such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or other metrics important to the business. These can be presented in dashboards, charts or periodic reports. Datata can create these in the tool which is most suitable for a particular client’s needs. For instance, Microsoft Excel, Business Objects, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SAS or even R Statistics are all useful for this purpose. We have also been known to create web dashboards which display constantly updating information.

Business Intelligence (BI).

This is the art of pulling and organising disparate data into a data warehouse. The key to such solutions is to cleanse and integrate the data well, and then present it to consumers in fast and friendly formats, for example in multidimensional cubes. Cubes are flexible; consumers can slice and dice the presented data in whichever way they choose. Cubes can also be accessed via a wide variety of front ends – from humble Microsoft Excel to tools such as Tableau and Qlikview.


The hidden stories in data often require much more than simply eyeballing the numbers. Descriptive statistics (maximums, minimums, means and medians) can summarise the data nicely, but for real insight multivariate inferential and predictive analytics are often the answer. Such techniques allow important factors to be highlighted from a cloud of other variables. Advanced statistics can also help to predict outcomes given changes in the input factors. Moreover, clustering and factor analyses are well known in the marketing fraternity as the means by which to segment a customer base. We can do all this.


We’re lazy. By that I mean we don’t like repetitive work for us or for our clients. Therefore any elements of the data collection, cleansing and transformation that can be automated, will be automated. Why spend hours cutting, pasting and formatting when the computer can do it for free.

If the above sounds like the thing you were looking for, please get in touch.